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HS210, Novice Guardian, Dare to Fly

Holy Stone Drone HS210 - The go-to drone for beginners
Offering easy, safe, and enjoyable flights! With features like
Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, 3 Speed Switch,
3D Flips, High-Speed Rotation, Circle Flight,

and propeller protection through ducted-fan design.

The stable flight control system, entertaining aerobatics, robust materials, and safety assurance provide the confidence you need to take to the skies. 

Low Medium High Speed Switch .jpg

3-Speed Switch, More Fun

Adaptive Control for Diverse Skill Levels and Environments. The default low-speed mode is ideal for indoor flight training, while the high-speed option ensures thrilling outdoor experiences on calm days.

Triple Batteries, extend happy hour.jpg

Triple Batteries, Extend Happy Hour

Charging Time: About 40-60 minutes each Flight Duration: Approximately 7 minutes per battery. Notably, engaging high-speed and stunt modes increases power consumption compared to low-speed hover states Please read and follow the battery safety guidelines in the 'Battery Warning' section of the User Manual for a secure and responsible usage experience.

ducted-fan designed propeller protection.jpg

Ducted-fan-designed propeller protection

Enhanced safety by preventing direct contact with propellers, reduced risk of damage during flights, and improved durability, making drones more reliable for both beginners and experienced users alike.

Premium Accessories and Worry-Free Support.jpg

Premium Accessories and Worry-Free Support

Enhance your drone experience with our premium replacement accessories, providing extended flight time, continuous enjoyment, adaptability, cost savings, and convenience, ensuring you're always prepared for uninterrupted aerial adventures. Experience worry-free drone exploration with Holy Stone! When your included accessories are depleted, reach out to our dedicated customer service for complimentary replacements, ensuring every user can fly bravely and enjoy unparalleled after-sales support.

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Easy Operate: Takeoff & Landing

Takeoff: Press the one-key-start button+Push left joystick (Throttle stick) up slowlyRemind: The throttle controls acceleration and deceleration, so push the left joystick gently to prevent sudden and unexpected elevation changes.

When in flight, Press the one-key start button again, and the drone will land automatically.

Holy Stone Drone HS210 Hover.jpg

Easy Operate: Altitude Hold (Hover)

Altitude Hold is implemented through a combination of sensors (Barometric Pressure Sensor, Gyroscopes and Accelerometers), control algorithms, and a closed-loop feedback system. This functionality contributes to the drone's stability and ease of use, allowing users to focus on controlling the drone's horizontal movements without constantly adjusting the throttle to maintain altitude.

Altitude Hold can be combined with user input to allow pilots to easily control the drone's horizontal movements while the drone autonomously maintains its altitude.

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Easy Operate: Headless Mode

Enter Headless Mode:
After pairing/ calibration, press the Headless Mode button.

Status of drone in Headless Mode:
The transmitter beeps slowly, and the drone's LED light blinks continuously.

Drone Direction in Headless Mode:
The forward direction is the direction that the head of the drone faces when the drone takes off.

Operation suggestions:
To make sure the pilot can tell the drone's direction, we recommend that pilots stay in the same orientation as the drone head faces when the drone takes off.
In general, the side with the camera (or LED light for non-camera drones) is the front of the drone, and the end with the battery is the rear of the drone. 

Exit Headless Mode:
Press the Headless Mode button again

Status of drone exits the Headless Mode:
Hear 2 beeps from the transmitter, and the drone's LED light becomes solid.

Who Needs Headless Mode:
Beginners who worry about the drone's orientation or which way it is facing, because Headless Mode makes the drone move in relation to the direction of the controller, regardless of its own orientation or where its “head” is pointing. Making it easier for beginners to control the drone.

Not recommended for more experienced pilots, because it can lead to a false sense of security and make it more difficult to learn how to fly the drone without the assistance of headless mode.

Holy Stone Drone HS210 360° flip.jpg

360° Flip/ 3D Flip

360° flips not only offer cool tricks but also spark curiosity, fostering kids' discussions on the science behind drone movements

—opening the door to fun talks about how drones spin, balance, and move in the air. 

Enhance their experience with dynamic flight manoeuvres and entertainment, allowing children to enjoy the fun of learning.

Holy Stone Drone HS210 circle fly-1.jpg

Circle Fly

Experience the enchantment of Circle Fly! 

Watch our drones gracefully glide in captivating circles

—it's a display of the intricate algorithms that power their seamless movements. 

Immerse yourself in the realm of Circle Fly, a fusion of technology and art, 

where each flight inspires awe and fosters a journey of discovery.

Holy Stone Drone HS210 Self Rotation.jpg

Self Rotation/ Auto Rotation

Similar to Circle Fly, high-speed self-rotation is another enchanting magic trick powered by algorithms. 

As children express interest, parents can guide them to delve deeper into understanding drone algorithms. 

It's like a flight broomstick, paving the way for future exploration!

Holy Stone Drone HS210 Speed Switch.jpg

3 Speeds Switch

Perfect for family fun

– from playing in the backyard with the kids to relaxed camping trips. 

Our drone's got adaptive control, 

so whether it's indoor precision landing games with the siblings 

or high-speed outdoor adventures on calm days, it adds a playful touch. 

And at home, enjoy sweet moments with your pets, making lasting memories. 

It's more than a gadget; it's a memory-maker.

Holy Stone Drone HS210 Toss and fly.jpg


After pairing, pick up the drone and lay it flat on your palm. Gently toss the drone into the air, and it will hover in place.

Looks like a piece of cake, huh? Well, let me spill the beans. It's not just a simple throw. It's a whole bunch of science in action. 

With sensors and smart control, the drone adjusts its motor speed and flight control, making sure it takes off smoothly and steadily. Acceleration, attitude control, sensor fusion—yeah, it's got it all. So, what looks like magic is a ton of hard work. 

We're all about making drones that anyone can enjoy, bringing joy and inspiration into your world.
Let your curiosity soar and chase those dreams. Cheers to the fun of flying!

Holy Stone Drone HS210 Transmitter Function Button.jpg

Transmitter Function Button


Holy Stone Drone, HS210 - Novice Guardian, Tons of Fun!

HS210, Novice Guardian, Dare to Fly SPECS


Dimension:80 x 80 x 30 mm
Flight Time: 7 Minutes x3
Charging Time:40~60 Minutes
Transmitter Range:50 m

1* Drone; 1* Transmitter; 3* Drone Batteries; 2* USB Charger; 4* Extra Propellers; 1* Screwdriver; 1* Spanner; 1* Instruction Manual

HS210, Novice Guardian, Dare to Fly IN THE BOX
HS210 in the box 1.jpg


 In The Box:

 1 x HS210 RC Drone Blue

 1 x Transmitter

 3 x Batteries

 1 x USB Charging Cable

 4 x Extra Propellers

 1x Instruction Manual

 1x Propeller Screwdriver

HS210, Novice Guardian, Dare to Fly DOWNLOAD
HS210, Novice Guardian, Dare to Fly FAQ
  • Is it suitable for kids under 10 to fly this drone?

     HS210 is a very safe drone for kids. For kids under 10, we recommend that they fly this drone with adult supervision.
  • Does it come with a carrying case?

  • Are the rotating blades dangerous?

     HS210 is equipped with propeller guards to protect the pilots' fingers. We also recommend that kids fly this drone with adult supervision.
  • What should I do if one of the propellers stops rotating?

     Check if there is anything like hair or grass stuck to the propeller. If there is, simply remove them.
     If it's the motor that is not spinning, you may need to replace that motor. Please contact HolyStone customer service for tech support.
  • Should I perform a gyro calibration before each takeoff?

     Yes, we recommend that you do this.
  • What does it mean, when the indicator on the drone starts to flash?

     It may indicate:
     -The drone battery level is low.
     -The drone is not connected to the transmitter.
     -Drone is under Headless Mode.
  • Can I fly multiple HS210s at the same time?

     Yes, you can. Please pair the drone and transmitter one by one.
  • Can I fly it outdoors?

     You can fly it outdoors when there is no wind.
  • Max. flying time?

     7 mins per battery. There are 3 batteries in the package, so the flight time is about 20 mins.
  • Are there any differences between the red, green and blue versions?

     The only difference is the color.