HS360S Accessible Explorer Camera Drone

HS360S Accessible Explorer GPS Camera Drone

Name: SPYDI, Model #: HS360S, Weight:<250g 

 SPYDI is a hobbyist drone that does not require FAA registration and Remote ID.
It features a 4K Camera, Brushless Motors, 3KM Relay Image Transmission, Optical
Flow Positioning, GPS Intelligent Assistant Flight (such as RTH, Follow Me, Tapfly, etc.),
  and Multiple Auto-shooting Modes (such as Spiral Up, Catapult, Rocket, etc.).             



9850 Feet

Relay Image Transmission Range


No FAA Reg. & Remote ID Needed.

20 Min

Per Battery

3 Speed

3M/S, 5M/S, 7M/S




4K UHD Camera

4K UHD Camera with GalaxyCore Sensor: Holy Stone drones with camera for adults 4K equipped with 1/3'' CMOS GalaxyCore Sensor and 4K 85° wide-angle Camera adjusted within 90° by remote control or the app, captures stunning 3840x2160P photos and 4K videos. Unleash your creativity from a whole new perspective.


10000 Feet Long Range Transmission

Unlock unlimited potential with a 10,000 feet long-range transmission for your drone, featuring brushless motors and the added reliability of a wired connection. Elevate your aerial experience and capture the extraordinary with seamless control and precision.


Lightweight, Foldable, Portable,No FAA Reg. or Remote ID Needed

Extremely Lightweight, No FAA or Remote ID Registration: HS360S, drone with camera for adults featuring the Holy Stone latest design, weighs less than 250g; this GPS drone offers the perfect solution for hassle-free flying in the States without FAA or Remote ID registration. Perfect for capturing stunning footage on the go.


Masterful Shot Modes for Every Occasion

Unlock master-level photography effortlessly with our one-click presets, featuring Spiral Up, One-key Ascension (bird's eye), Catapult, Time-lapse, Panorama, and more. Designed for simplicity, even beginners can effortlessly experience professional-grade shooting techniques, turning every shot into a masterpiece.


Intelligent GPS Functions

Holy Stone HS360S, a 4K camera drone for adults, features precise GPS positioning for stable flight and a secure return home. The Return-Home Function brings it back when the battery is low or the connection breaks. This tech marvel is perfect for both beginners and experts, offering a seamless experience.


Wired Transmission and Wifi Repeater

Direct USB Connection, no longer hassle with pairing your phone to the drone's Wi-Fi. The app and cable do it all for you automatically! No interference with mobile signals, explore freely with a 3km RC range and image transmission. Enjoy smooth real-time image streaming and flight.


Capture the essence of leisurely exploration with this camera drone

HS360S features a 90° remotely adjustable 4K UHD lens, offering an 85° field of view. Delivering crisp and casual pictures that bring your adventures to life. Immerse yourself in the moment with a live feed that mirrors the vivid reality of your surroundings. Elevate your leisurely escapades – where every shot is a masterpiece.

HS360S-3KM-RC-Range.jpgUpgraded Wired Connection, Auto-Pairing, 3KM WiFi-RepeaterSeamless Setup, Long Range Transmission

Direct USB Connection, no longer hassle with pairing your phone to the drone's Wi-Fi. The app and cable do it all for you automatically! No interference with mobile signals, explore freely with a 3km RC range and image transmission. Enjoy smooth real-time image streaming and flight.


GPS Assistance: Intelligent, Reliable, and Safe → Worry-free aerial adventure

Intelligent Fly Assistant: Such as the GPS Follow function, the drone will track your movement by following the GPS signal on your cellphone (make sure that the connection between the drone and the controller)

Reliable & Precision Navigation: Dual Positioning System, GPS & Glonass

Safe return: GPS Return to Home ( Smart RTH / Failsafe RTH / Low Voltage RTH)


3 Speed Switch Modes, Diverse Flying Adventure, Extremely Fun

Camera Mode - Low Speed for beginners and capturing breathtaking aerial footage and photos, friendly for most family members.

Normal Mode - Enjoy your explorer trips, this mode is the default setting.

Sport Mode - High Speed is fast and responsive, with perfect live feed function when you hunting, use it when you are experienced.

The Beginner mode is the default operating mode with range and speed restrictions as below to keep the drone safe while you learn to control it.

(Beginner Turn on novice mode by default and turn it off when custom mode)

The flight distance can not exceed 98 ft/30m.

The flight altitude can not exceed 98 ft/30m.

The return altitude during RTH is 66ft/20m.


Experience uninterrupted flight stability, whether indoors or outdoors.

Optical Flow ensures stability for indoor flights,

while GPS/GLONASS provides stability for outdoor adventures.

The beginner-friendly Altitude Hold acts as a safeguard, allowing you to soar fearlessly through the skies.

HS360S Self-discharge Protection Battery.jpgSelf-discharge Battery Protection Technology - Your Battery Care Manager

HS360S equipped with battery protection technology ensures that if the battery remains unused for more than three days after reaching a full charge,
it intentionally discharges to 70-75% capacity. While this may appear as a temporary performance decrease, it contributes to enhancing overall battery longevity.
Just as we know, maintaining a charge level between 20% and 80% is crucial for extending the lifespan of your battery.


Pilot-Friendly Controller

Built for durability, it features a solid construction and a daylight-readable screen. 

The three rubber grips securely hold phones up to 10cm in width, ensuring a reliable and comfortable flying experience.





Masterful Shot Modes for Every Occasion


Point of Interest 

Tap the ( Multi-functions ) icon first, select the ( Point of Interest ) icon, and follow the prompts to activate ( Set the circling radius in the prompt box ), the drone will record its current flight position as the "point of interest", then it will continuously circle that point clockwise. (default radius: 16 ft)

To exit, tap (Point of Interest) again.

Spiral Up

Ensure the drone is about 16 ft from the target. 

Adjust the camera angle towards the target. Tap (Multi-functions), then (Spiral Up). Swipe to confirm, and the drone ascends and circles (max. radius: about 49 ft), recording along the way. It will return to the starting point. 

To exit, tap (Spiral Up) or push the right joystick. 

Ensure no obstacles are in the flight path. In emergencies, push the right joystick to exit Spiral Up.


Image Follow

Tap the (Multi-functions) icon, select ( Image Follow ), and follow the prompt to activate. 

Tap Fly

When using Tap Fly, enlarge the map before drawing the flight path. 

Tap the (Multi-functions) icon, then (Tap Fly). Tap on the phone screen up to 16 times to create a flight path. Hit "GO" to submit the route. 

The drone will fly along the path created by connecting the tapped points. 

Exit TapFly by tapping (Tap Fly) again or pushing the right joystick in any direction.

 Avoid flying towards people, animals, or small/thin objects (e.g., tree branches and power lines) or transparent objects (e.g., glass or water). 

Note: The actual flight path and the path you draw may not align perfectly.


Gesture Selfie

Tap the (Multi-functions) icon, then tap (Gesture Selfie) icon to enter the Gesture Selfie Mode. 

Gesture Selfie: Trigger the drone camera shutter by holding a 'V' sign near your face.

Gesture Selfie Video: Trigger the drone camera shutter in this mode by holding your palm near your face.

Ensuring the drone camera points towards you.


Tap the Shooting Mode Icon, then tap the Time-lapse icon for time-lapse shooting. Swipe to select playback speed and tap to confirm. 

Tap the shutter icon to start the time-lapse recording.
Tap the shutter icon again to stop recording.


One-key Ascension (bird's eye) & Catapult

Ensure the drone is at least 7 ft away from the target. Adjust the camera angle to point directly at the target. 

Tap (Multi-functions), then (One-key Ascension). Swipe in the prompt box to confirm. The drone will start recording and ascend to 49 ft. Afterwards, it will fly back to the starting point. 

To Exit: Tap (One-key Ascension) again or push the right joystick.


Ensure the drone is at least 7 ft away from the target. Adjust the camera angle to point directly at the target. 

Tap the (Multi-functions) icon, then the (Catapult) icon. Swipe in the prompt box to confirm. The drone will automatically start recording and fly about 82 ft away from the target. Afterwards, it will return to the starting point. 

To Exit: Tap the (Catapult) icon again or push the right joystick to exit this function.

HS360S Real Shots

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HS360S Accessible Explorer Camera Drone SPECS


HS360S Accessible Explorer Camera Drone IN THE BOX



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HS360S Accessible Explorer Camera Drone FAQ

About HS360S Battery

Q1: Why does this battery have a self-discharge protection feature, and how does it work?                            

A: The self-discharge protection feature is designed to extend the battery's overall lifespan. When the battery is fully charged and left unused for more than three days, it will automatically discharge to 70-75% of its capacity.

This proactive measure safeguards the battery from potential damage when it remains at full charge for an extended period.               

Q2: Some consumers have reported issues with the battery. Could the self-discharge protection feature be a contributing factor?                              
A: Yes, it's possible.

The self-discharge protection feature, while beneficial for the battery's health, might lead to concerns for users who are unaware of this functionality.

If the battery is left unused for more than three days after reaching a full charge, it intentionally discharges to 70-75% capacity. This might be mistaken for a decline in performance, but it enhances overall battery longevity.   

Q3: Are there any other potential issues with the battery that consumers should be aware of?          
A: Certainly, maintaining optimal battery performance involves observing specific guidelines:

  • Proper Charging Practices:

    Use the original or certified charger, follow the manufacturer's recommended current and voltage, avoid overcharging and deep discharging, periodically charge to prevent self-discharge, and be mindful of extreme temperature conditions.

  • Temperature Impact on Batteries:

    Low temperatures slow down chemical reactions, reducing energy storage capacity.

    High temperatures accelerate internal reactions, decreasing lifespan, increasing self-discharge, slowing charge transfer, and posing safety risks.

  • Optimal Storage Conditions:

    1. Store the battery in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Ensure it is not exposed to moisture, and temperatures remain below 60°C.

    2. Maintain a charge level between 20% and 80% to extend lifespan.

    3. Keep batteries out of reach of children or pets.

    4. Retain packaging for important information.

  • Battery Safety Considerations:

    1. Regularly check the battery's condition, seeking professional help if damage or leakage is detected.
    2. Protect the battery from impacts. Avoid crushing or squeezing to prevent fire or explosion risks.
    3. For extended non-use, remove batteries to prevent potential leakage damage.
    4. Avoid disassembling or modifying the battery.
    5. Cease use if the battery emits an odor, generates heat, discolors, deforms, or appears abnormal. Remove it immediately if these occur during use or charging.
    6. Keep the battery dry; do not immerse it in water.
    7. Avoid soldering the battery terminals.
    8. Refrain from short-circuiting by connecting wires or metal objects to the positive(+) and negative(-) terminals.
    9. Failure to follow instructions may result in severe injury, irreparable battery damage, or fire, smoke, or explosion.
    10. Connect the toy only to equipment with the symbol Class II.