HS360S 4K Drone with 3KM Transmission
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Hobbyist Drone for Outdoor Exploration

4K GPS Drone with 3KM Relay Transmission

Name: SPYDI, Model #: HS360S, Weight:<250g 

 SPYDI is a hobbyist drone that does not require FAA registration and Remote ID.
It features a 4K Camera, Brushless Motors, 3KM Relay Image Transmission, Optical
Flow Positioning, GPS Intelligent Assistant Flight (such as RTH, Follow Me, Tapfly, etc.),
  and Multiple Auto-shooting Modes (such as Spiral Up, Catapult, Rocket, etc.).             



9850 Feet

Relay Image Transmission Range


No FAA Reg. & Remote ID Needed.

20 Min

Per Battery

3 Speed

3M/S, 5M/S, 7M/S




4K UHD Camera

4K UHD Camera with GalaxyCore Sensor: Holy Stone drones with camera for adults 4K equipped with 1/3'' CMOS GalaxyCore Sensor and 4K 85° wide-angle Camera adjusted within 90° by remote control or the app, captures stunning 3840x2160P photos and 4K videos. Unleash your creativity from a whole new perspective.

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Powerful Brushless Motors

Experience stability in flight with the advantage of powerful brushless motors for your drone.

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No FAA Reg. or Remote ID Needed

Extremely Lightweight, No FAA or Remote ID Registration: HS360S, drone with camera for adults featuring the Holy Stone latest design, weighs less than 250g; this GPS drone offers the perfect solution for hassle-free flying in the States without FAA or Remote ID registration. Perfect for capturing stunning footage on the go.


Intelligent GPS Functions

Holy Stone HS360S, drones with camera for adults 4k, features precise GPS positioning, providing not only stable flight but also a safe return home. This GPS drone can perform Return-Home Function to find its way back to you when battery runs low or the connection breaks up. Let this 4K drone roam free and bring it back with ease whenever you're ready.

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HS360S 4K Drone with 3KM Transmission SPECS


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HS360S 4K Drone with 3KM Transmission FAQ

About HS360S Battery

Q1: Why does this battery have a self-discharge protection feature, and how does it work?                            

A: The self-discharge protection feature is designed to extend the battery's overall lifespan. When the battery is fully charged and left unused for more than three days, it will automatically discharge to 70-75% of its capacity.

This proactive measure safeguards the battery from potential damage when it remains at full charge for an extended period.               

Q2: Some consumers have reported issues with the battery. Could the self-discharge protection feature be a contributing factor?                              
A: Yes, it's possible.

The self-discharge protection feature, while beneficial for the battery's health, might lead to concerns for users who are unaware of this functionality.

If the battery is left unused for more than three days after reaching a full charge, it intentionally discharges to 70-75% capacity. This might be mistaken for a decline in performance, but it enhances overall battery longevity.   

Q3: Are there any other potential issues with the battery that consumers should be aware of?          
A: Certainly, maintaining optimal battery performance involves observing specific guidelines:

  • Proper Charging Practices:

    Use the original or certified charger, follow the manufacturer's recommended current and voltage, avoid overcharging and deep discharging, periodically charge to prevent self-discharge, and be mindful of extreme temperature conditions.

  • Temperature Impact on Batteries:

    Low temperatures slow down chemical reactions, reducing energy storage capacity.

    High temperatures accelerate internal reactions, decreasing lifespan, increasing self-discharge, slowing charge transfer, and posing safety risks.

  • Optimal Storage Conditions:

    1. Store the battery in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Ensure it is not exposed to moisture, and temperatures remain below 60°C.

    2. Maintain a charge level between 20% and 80% to extend lifespan.

    3. Keep batteries out of reach of children or pets.

    4. Retain packaging for important information.

  • Battery Safety Considerations:

    1. Regularly check the battery's condition, seeking professional help if damage or leakage is detected.
    2. Protect the battery from impacts. Avoid crushing or squeezing to prevent fire or explosion risks.
    3. For extended non-use, remove batteries to prevent potential leakage damage.
    4. Avoid disassembling or modifying the battery.
    5. Cease use if the battery emits an odor, generates heat, discolors, deforms, or appears abnormal. Remove it immediately if these occur during use or charging.
    6. Keep the battery dry; do not immerse it in water.
    7. Avoid soldering the battery terminals.
    8. Refrain from short-circuiting by connecting wires or metal objects to the positive(+) and negative(-) terminals.
    9. Failure to follow instructions may result in severe injury, irreparable battery damage, or fire, smoke, or explosion.
    10. Connect the toy only to equipment with the symbol Class II.