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HS710, Your Reliable Recreational Camera Drone

HS710, 4K Camera Drone, Precision and power in every sky-high moment!
Brushless motors, and a triple positioning system ( GPS, GLONASS, and Optical Flow Tech) for stable flights. GPS-safe return home for added security.
Elevate your recreational moments effortlessly.




Image Transmission


FAA Free

23 Min

1 Battery

600 m

Flight Distance



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Get Sharp Pictures with 4K Camera

HS710 is a camera drone for adults. The UHD 4K camera captures picturesque scenery with incredible details and accurate colors. It’s 4 times clearer than ordinary HD1080P so that you are free to zoom in and recreate your pictures.

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25 Mins Flight

A safer modular batteries are convenient to use, which increase the flight time up to 25 minutes.

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Powerful and Portable

It holds a position quite stable even in wind with the powerful Brushless Motors better than other drones.
The portable and foldable structure is designed for your convenience and brings longer-lasting fun to you and your family.

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Be Creative with Intelligent Features

GPS drones for adults, multiple GPS functions such as Follow Me, Waypoint Flight, Tap Fly, and Point of Interest enable the drone to fly automatically and free your hands. The whole family can enjoy the creative fun of flight together.

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Triple Positioning System, Accurate Positioning, Stable Flight

The GPS & GNSS dual-location-system plus Optical Flow Positioning keep the drone hover extremely stably in the air both indoors and outdoors.
Smart Return to Home and Emergency Stop free your minds of losing the drone;

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Easy For Beginners

Altitude Hold makes the drone hover in the air without throttle control; Smart Return to Home and Emergency Stop free your minds of losing the drone; One Key Take Off/ Landing help get the hang of it quickly and easily. A perfect drone for beginners!

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Super Lightweight

No need to make FAA registration and effectively reduce your travel burden thanks to the weight control of HS710 drone (Less than 0.55LB).

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GPS Smart Return to Home

Fly with confidence using our three Smart RTH modes: Smart RTH, Failsafe RTH, and Low Voltage RTH. Each mode is designed to ensure your drone's safe return, eliminating worries about potential loss.

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A Lot of Fun More Than You Imagined

Intelligent flight features take you to see farther and enjoy exploring the world


Tap Fly

HS710 will fly along the path as you preset, the automated operation to help you discover the scenery along the road.

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Follow Me

Follow Me feature to capture you accurately, free your hands, the most interesting flying experience for you and your family.


Point of Interest

HS710 will run around the point you preset, which helps you get professional videos easily, find the beauty of nature in every aspect.


Headless Mode

Use Headless mode when you fly far and without worrying the lose direction of the drone.

HS710 Real Shots

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Customer Talk


Sample_User_Icon.jpgHerschel R. Johnson

It takes 4K video and the picture is pretty good. Much better than my other drones. I have never flown a DJI drone before, but with these drones Holy Stone is putting out, I don't think I would want to. If you are a beginner and on a budget, I would definitely take a look at this one. HS-710 Its worth it!!!

hs710-review-Dan S.png

Sample_User_Icon.jpgDan S.

If you aren't experienced you should take your time to get use to flying it. Start at lower heights and speed at first because if you panic and crash it from too high you might have serious damage. I would recommend this drone.


Sample_User_Icon.jpg Graciela C.

Although this is a small and light drone, it is pretty stable in light wind. Camera has adjustable shooting, either 720p or 4k, and a 90° up and down. The Return To Home (RTH), can be activated by one touch button, out of range or controller going off. This does give a little peace of mind.

hs710-review-Luis Lopez.png

Sample_User_Icon.jpgLuis Lopez

I’ve been playing with the follow me feature which it’s great when riding bikes, also the point of interest is great for when you want to check a specific object/place, it creates almost a cinematic view together with the 4k HD Camera with Tilt and zoom it’s a great ideal drone.



I'm a recreational drone user. I enjoy flying them around in different areas to get a new view of areas I've been to a million times but never from the air.

HS710 Recreational Camera Drone SPECS
HS710 Drone

Weight: 240g/8.47oz

Size: 268*301*54 mm (Unfolded)

    147*92*54 mm (Folded)

Flight Distance: 1968 feet / 600 m

FPV Distance: 984 feet / 300 m

Flight Time: 25 min

Charging Time: 2.5 hours

Operating Temperature Range:32°F to +104°F (0°C to +40°C)

Drone Battery

Capacity: 7.7V 1820 mAh

Energy: 14.01Wh

Battery Type: Lipo Battery


Operating Frequency: 2.4Ghz

Battery Type: 2x1.5V AA (Not included)


Operating Frequency5Ghz

Lens Angle: FOV 120°

Adjustable Range: -90°~0°

Resolution in TF Card: 4K(3840x2160P)

Resolution on mobile phone: Photo: HD1920x1080P; Video: HD1280×720P

Live View Quality: 4K@15fps

Supported TF Card: 32GB (Not included)

HS710 Recreational Camera Drone IN THE BOX
HS710 单电单线.jpg

In The Box:

1 x HS710 Drone

1 x Remote Control 

1 x 7.7V 1820mAh Modular Battery

1 x Type-C Charging Cable 

1 x Screwdriver 

4 x Additional Propellers 

1 x Instructions For Use

To buy HS710 Accessorries

HS710 Recreational Camera Drone DOWNLOAD


HS710 Manual.pdf

 Android APP  |  IOS APP  ( Available for HS700D/HS550/HS720/HS510/HS700E/HS720E/HS710 ) 

HS710 Recreational Camera Drone FAQ
  • Any SD card recommendations?

     We recommend an SD card that has sufficient memory, a read/write speed of class 10 or above, and supports FA32 format.
  • Which cellphone models are compatible with HS710?

     Required operating systems: iOS 9.0 or higher/Android 5.0 or higher;
     Cellphones that support 5G Wi-Fi are all compatible with HS710.
     If your cellphone does not support 5G, you can check the WLAN type of your cellphone to see if it is compatible. If it is “802.11 a/b/g/n/ac”, this cellphone will work.
     On the other hand, if it is “802.11 a/b/g/n,” then this cellphone is NOT compatible.
     You can find info about your WLAN type using this website: https://www.gsmarena.com/. Simply enter your phone model into the search bar and hit “GO”
     Guide 1.png
     Guide 2.png
  • How do I perform a compass calibration?

     Step 1: Pair the drone with the transmitter. The indicator lights on the drone start to blink yellow. (If this is the first time using the drone, the indicator light will just turn solid yellow after the pairing.)
     Step 2: Push both joysticks to the lower right corner.
     Step 3: Hold the drone horizontally and rotate it 3 times until the front and rear lights blink green.
     Step 4: Hold the drone vertically and rotate it 3 times until the front and rear lights turn solid GREEN. Note: The camera should always pointing the sky while rotating the drone. (If the GPS signal is weak, the light will turn solid YELLOW.)
  • Should I perform a compass calibration before each flight?

     Yes, we strongly recommend that you do this.
  • How is the camera of the drone?

     HS710 has a 5GHz 4K Full HD FOV 120° adjustable WiFi camera.
  • Does the drone have obstacle avoidance?

  • Which app should I download?

     For HS710, the drone APP is Ophelia GO. Please scan the QR code on the manual to download it. Also, it can be found in the Apple/Google play store.
  • Why does the drone keep circling in the air without me touching the joysticks?

     Several factors can cause this problem. If you find your drone doing this, please contact our customer service for technical support.
     Most of the time, this happens because the drone was influenced by the magnetic field.
     We do suggest you check the following before each flight:
     1. Perform a compass calibration before each flight.
     2. DO NOT calibrate the compass in locations where magnetic interference may occur, such as close to magnetite deposits or large metallic structures such as parking structures, steel-reinforced basements, bridges, cars, or scaffolding.
     3. DO NOT carry objects that contain ferromagnetic materials near the drone during the calibration.
     4. Fly the drone in open areas, with minimal signal interference and nice weather.
     5. Try to fly the drone higher so the drone can avoid the magnetic field better.
  • What is the “Optical Flow Mode?”

     The Optical Flow Mode is typically used in an indoor environment when the GPS signal is too weak or unavailable. It works best when the drone’s altitude is lower than 3 meters. The drone will collect image data with the help of a camera on the bottom of the drone to achieve high-precision positioning and smoother control.
  • How can I replace the drone arms?

     Here is a how-to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwYHBxoLpgw
  • Do I need to register for my HS710?

     This will depend on the local drone laws and regulations. HS710 weighs 240g. The Aviation Authorities of the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom request that pilots register their drones when the weight is more than 250g. HS710 weighs less than 250g. So the pilots living in these areas don't need to register their HS710. For people living outside of these areas, please refer to the local drone laws and regulations.
  • How long can it stay in the air?

     Each fully charged drone battery supports a max. flying time of 23 minutes.