Take in breathtaking views as the bird

4K EIS Camera Drone

HS700E support 4K aerial photos and videos recorded with 60fps providing super smooth and clear footage, Electric Image Stabilization reduces blurring and ensures stabilized video images.




Image Transmission



23 Min

1 Battery

3277 Feet

Transmitter Distance



1-HS700E-4K-EIS Anti-Shake-Camera.jpg

4K EIS Anti-Shake Camera

The EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) technology reduces video blurring and makes video transmission more stable. It uses pixels outside the border of the visible frame to provide a buffer for changes in direction. The 5GHz FPV transmission allows you to pull off epic, fast-paced shots. A 90°adjustable camera with a 130°FOV lens can capture a wide view of every precious moment. It lets you have almost unlimited viewing!


GNSS Navigation Satellite System

It is equipped with GPS and GLONASS two navigation modules, the drone can hover with more stability, reducing the risk of loss. When the drone loses signal or power, it will trigger the return to home function.


Extremely User Friendly

There is no need for complicated preparation work before each flight. The Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, Air Pressure Sensor and Optical Flow modules make the HS700E super friendly for novice pilots. The brushless motors run more powerfully and with much less noise than competitor drones.


Numerous Additional Features for Endless Fun

The Follow Me, Custom Flight Path and Smart Return to Home can be controlled by our Ophelia application while you view your drone’s camera video on your Smart Phone.

Burshless motor .jpg

Easy to Carry

Comes with the modular battery that last a total of 23 minutes. Easy and safe to use. This superior drone comes with a premium carrying bag. These features make the HS700E easy to use outdoors and very simple to store safely when not in use.

a1-HS700E-High Quality-Video-0.jpg

High-Quality Video Recording

The video frame rate can be changed from ( 4K 30fps to 1080p 60fps to satisfy different requirements. 60fps recording video can be played back in slow motion.


5GHz FPV Transmission

5GHz frequency avoids most signal interference, which enables longer, smoother and clearer image transmission. The transmission range is up to 1640 Feet.

Intelligent Flight

Explore more fun in the APP.


Follow Me

The accurate location makes it released that the drone can follow you wherever you go.

A6-HS700E-Tap Fly.jpg

Tap Fly

Draw a flight path at your will and the drone will fly along the path you set.

A7-HS700E-Point of Interest.jpg

Point of Interest

The HS700E drone will orbit around the point you preset. Easily get professional images when your mind and hands are free.

HS700E Real Shots


Customer Talk

HS700E-review-Techno Weenie.png

Sample_User_Icon.jpgTechno Weenie

My first flight was good but I did not realize I was in beginner mode which is very limiting but confidence building- I took it out a second time and was much more confidant- it it is very stable - it really does what you tell it.

HS700E-review-Michael j Thompson.jpg

Sample_User_Icon.jpgMichael J Thompson

Very powerful and super stable. This is my first drone and as a novice, it was very easy to quickly learn. It hovers in place indoors or out, even in decently high winds (10-15 mph).

HS700E-review-Randy M. Harris.png

Sample_User_Icon.jpg Randy M. Harris

I wanted something more though as I was looking for better video quality and more stability when flying . As a beginner this was the perfect next step. The unit is solid and well made.

HS700E-review-JK Hershey.png

Sample_User_Icon.jpgJK Hershey

The range is good, controls are responsive and the app is very intuitive. I'm still learning the features, and getting more out of it with each flight.



The video feed streaming back to my phone was smooth and crisp. When I looked at the pictures and videos from it I was very impressed. The image and video quality is great.

HS700E 4K EIS Camera Drone SPECS
HS700E Drone

Weight: 577g/19.65oz

Size: 380*230*125 mm

Flight Distance: 2624~3277 feet / 999 m

FPV Distance: 1640 feet / 500 m

Flight Time: 23 min

Charging Time: 5 hours

Operating Temperature Range:32°F to +104°F (0°C to +40°C)

Drone Battery

Capacity: 7.4V 2800 mAh

Energy: 20.72Wh

Battery Type: Lipo Battery


Operating Frequency: 2.4Ghz

Battery Type: 2x1.5V AA (Not included)


Operating Frequency5Ghz

Lens Angle: FOV 130°

Adjustable Range: -90°~0°

Resolution in TF Card: 4K(3840×2160P)

Resolution on mobile phone: 1920*1080P

Live View Quality: 4K@30fps/%201080P@60fps

Supported TF Card: 128GB (Not included)

HS700E 4K EIS Camera Drone IN THE BOX
HS700E 单电单线.jpg

In The Box:

1*Drone and Transmitter

1*Drone Battery

1*Carrying Case

8*Extra Propellers

2*Landing Gears

1*USB Charging Cable


1*Instructions for Use

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HS700E 4K EIS Camera Drone DOWNLOAD


HS700E Manual.pdf

 Android APP  |  IOS APP  ( Available for HS700D/HS550/HS720/HS510/HS700E/HS720E/HS710 ) 

HS700E 4K EIS Camera Drone FAQ