HS720G 4K Drone with 2 Axis Gimbal


Advanced yet Friendly

GPS Drone with 4K Camera and 2 Axis Gimbal

An enhanced dual-anti-shake drone for adults, with two-axis gimbal and EIS(Electronic Image Stabilization), so that every photos and videos are like epic, 4K@30fps retains more details per second, which making the video super clear and smooth, you can easily get what you want from air.




Image Transmission

EIS + 2 Axis Gimbal


26 Min

Per Battery

3277 Feet

Transmitter Distance



HS720G-Dual-Anti-Shake Configure.jpg

Dual-Anti-Shake Configure

The two-axis gimbal ensures the stability of the camera, that is, the stability of the roll (left and right) and pitch (up and down) while shaking, coupled with the timely correction of EIS, which greatly ensures the clarity of the picture.

HS720G-Great 4K Camera.jpg

Great 4K Camera Quality

The 4K camera has 3840x2160 pixels, what you get is what you see, and the remote 90° camera angle and 120°FOV greatly extend your field of vision. In the APP, you can choose 2 storage pixels between 4K@30fps and 1080P@60fps. The 60fps meets the needs of slow-motion which can make your videos more attractive.

HS720G-Anti-Interference 5Ghz.jpg

Anti-Interference 5Ghz Image Transmission

5Ghz transmission deliver a much smoother live view than 2.4Ghz, image transmission distance as far as to 500m, and transmitter distance is 999m, which is very friendly for beginners.

HS720G-GPS Assistance Safe Flight.jpg

GPS Assistance Safe Flight

The GPS system can realize the automatic return function, HS720G can return to home with one key, return in low battery power, return in lost transmitter’s signal. You can also see the live location of HS720G in the APP map.

HS720G-No Stress, Just Fly.jpg

No Stress, Just Fly

The battery can last 26min on one charge, so you can have long enough time to explore. Play easily with intelligent functions, Follow Me Mode, Tap Fly, Way Point Fly, Zoom in and out.

HS720G-Quality Throughout.jpg

Quality Throughout

HS720G built with superior durability. High quality gear shafts and body provide endless hours of fun, even after thousands of times folding and unfolding the drone's arms. The military-grade battery is the same as tank backup batteries and is safe and durable with a long lifetime.

HS720G-Enjoy Present Moments.jpg

Release Hands, Enjoy Present Moments

Let's see some intelligent features of HS720G drone in more details

HS720G-Follow Me.jpg

Follow Me

With the GPS signal, the HS720G drone can follow you while walking, jogging, riding, to record your memorized moments at the same time.

HS720G-Point of Interest.jpg

Point of Interest

If you have a interest object, the drone can target it as the point to fly in a circle, to help you achieve a beautiful surround shooting as easy as pro.

HS720G-Tap Fly.jpg

Tap Fly

Just tap a few point on the app map, the drone will fly according the route connected by these points. Easily record the scenery along the way.

Great Aid to Aerial Filming

Making impressive aerial shots and videos has never been so easy

HS720G-Headless Mode.jpg

Headless Mode

Use Headless mode without worrying the direction of drone when you fly far. Its forward direction is always the head of the drone facing, based on it takes off.

HS720G-Zoom in and out.jpg

Zoom in and out

Zoom 5 times to capture your smile while keeping safe distance, you can control the lens like experts, and the app can record operator's voice in live to create a vivid memory.

HS720G Real Shots



HS720G 4K Drone with 2 Axis Gimbal SPECS
HS720G Drone

Weight: 377g/13.30oz

Size: 164*90*63 mm(Folded)

    305*230*63 mm(Unfolded)

Flight Distance: 3277 feet / 999 m

FPV Distance: 1640 feet / 500 m

Flight Time: 26 min

Charging Time: 5 hours

Operating Temperature Range:32°F to +104°F (0°C to +40°C)

Drone Battery

Capacity: 7.7V 2950 mAh

Energy: 22.715Wh

Battery Type: Lipo Battery


Operating Frequecy: 2.4Ghz

Battery Type: 2x1.5V AA (Not included)


Operating Frequency5Ghz

Lens Angle:FOV 120°

Adjustable Range: -90°~0°

Max Photo Resolution: 3840x2160P

Max Video Resolution: 3840x2160P@30fps

Live View Quality: 30fps

Supported TF Card: 128GB (Not included)

HS720G 4K Drone with 2 Axis Gimbal IN THE BOX


 In The Box:

 1 x HS720G RC Drone

 1 x Transmitter

 1 x Battery

 1 x USB Charging Cable  

 4 x Extra Propellers

 1x Manual 

 1x Screwdriver


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hs720g-arm-a-br.jpg.jpgHS720G Back Right Arm
hs720g-arm-a-fl.jpg.jpgHS720G Front Left Arm
hs720g-arm-b-bl.jpg.jpgHS720G Back Left Arm
hs720g-arm-b-fr.jpg.jpgHS720G Front Right Arm   

HS720G 4K Drone with 2 Axis Gimbal DOWNLOAD
HS720G 4K Drone with 2 Axis Gimbal FAQ
  • Any SD card recommendations?

     We recommend an SD card that has sufficient memory, a read/write speed of class 10 or above, and supports FA32 format.
  • How do I perform a compass calibration?

     1. Push both of the joysticks down to the bottom right corner at the same time to enter the compass calibration.
     A compass icon will appear on the LCD screen, slowly flashing. The indicator lights on the drone will also start to flash yellow alternately.
     2. Keep the drone parallel to the floor, and rotate it 3 times. When completed, the front and rear indicator lights on the drone will flash green alternately.
     3. Hold the drone vertically with its front camera pointing up. Rotate the drone 3 times. When completed, the front indicator lights on the drone turn solid red, and the rear ones turn solid green.
     (If the drone receives no, or very weak GPS signal, i.e. connected to less than 7 satellites, the result of STEP 3 will be “front red, rear green.”)
  • Should I perform a compass calibration before each flight?

     Yes, we recommend you do this every time you power on the drone.
  • Does the drone have obstacle avoidance?

     No, the HS720G drone doesn't have obstacle avoidance. We recommend the pilot fly the drone in a wide and open area.
  • How is the camera of the drone?

     Holy Stone HS720G is a 4K camera drone, with 2-axis motorized gimbal and EIS (Electric Image Stabilization) system.
     Photo Resolution: 3840x2160P
     Video Resolution: 3840x2160P
     Live-Feed: 4K@30fps/1080P@60fps
  • Does the drone come with a carrying case?

     Yes, the HS720 drone comes with a carrying case. The foldable design and well-fitted carrying case make it easy to take the drone outdoors.
  • Which app should I download?

     The name of the app is Ophelia FLY.
  • Why does the drone keep circling in the air without me touching the joysticks?

     Several factors can cause this problem. If you find your drone doing this, please contact our customer service for technical support.
     Most of the time, this happens because the drone was influenced by the magnetic field.
     We do suggest you check the following before each flight:
     1. Perform a compass calibration before each flight.
     2. DO NOT calibrate the compass in locations where magnetic interference may occur, such as close to magnetite deposits or large metallic structures such as parking structures, steel-reinforced basements, bridges, cars, or scaffolding.
     3. DO NOT carry objects that contain ferromagnetic materials near the drone during the calibration.
     4. Fly the drone in open areas, with minimal signal interference and nice weather.
     5. Try to fly the drone higher so the drone can avoid the magnetic field better.
  • Do I need to register my HS720G?

     This will depend on the local drone laws and regulations. HS720E weighs nearly 500g. The aviation authorities in most countries and areas (USA, Canada, EU, UK for instance) will require their pilots to register for a drone of similar weight. Please refer to the websites of local aerial transportation authorities for info about registration.
  • How can I save 4K videos and pictures to my cellphone?

     Whilst you can view the 4K videos and pictures in the Ophelia FLY app album, you cannot directly transfer those into your cellphone's album. Please use an SD card reader to transfer them from the SD card to other devices.
  • Which cellphone models are compatible with HS720G?

     Required operating systems: iOS 9.0 or higher/Android 5.0 or higher;
     Cellphones that support 5G Wi-Fi are all compatible with HS720G.
     If your cellphone does not support 5G, you can check the WLAN type of your cellphone to see if it is compatible. If it is “802.11 a/b/g/n/ac”, this cellphone will work.
     On the other hand, if it is “802.11 a/b/g/n,” then this cellphone is NOT compatible.
     You can find info about your WLAN type using this website: https://www.gsmarena.com/. Simply enter your phone model into the search bar and hit “GO”
     Guide 1.png
     Guide 2.png