HS110D and HS200D, Aerial photography,Explore the further landscape

2018-09-12 11:15 Author:Holy Stone 267

HS110D and HS200Dare the upgrade models of HS110 and HS200. It has been greatly upgraded in the design, configuration and flight performance of the fuselage, with more stable flight performance which will easier for beginners. The performance of aerial photography is closer to the real color, bringing an immersive visual sense.


The fuselage design of HS110D and HS200D adopts the streamlined design. The smooth curve can reduce the air resistance during the flight and make the flight smoother. Classic black and white color for the fuselage presents a concise and easy style, quite handsome when flying. HS110D and HS200D also upgrade the mounting method of the landing gear and propeller guards, which is more convenient to install than HS110 and HS200.


In addition, HS110D and HS200D also make significant changes in the battery. Upgraded from the original soft-pack battery to a modular battery, the plug and play mode also makes pre-flight preparations easier and prevents damage to the battery cable. The modular battery design also reduces the potential danger of battery expansion and damage, and is more safe and reliable. It also has larger capacity than soft-pack batteries to provide longer flight time.


In terms of configuration, the camera of HS110D and HS200D adopts a modular design same with the battery, which can freely disassemble the camera parts according to flight requirements, making it easy to disassemble and assemble. Also raised the camera shooting performance, from the original ordinary lens upgrades to 120° HD wide Angle lens, which is allowed to take pictures of wider view than ordinary lens, show more details.


As the upgraded model of HS110 and HS200, HS110D and HS200D also have simple and easy control experience. It not only has the handsome appearance, but also has the strong flight performance, the light body shape is convenient for daily carrying, the high-performance shooting function allows you to show the wonderful frames of every moment and to explore the further scenery.