Must-have for beginners: Holy Stone F181 Series

2018-07-27 16:42 Author:Holy Stone 373

Since the very beginning of being founded, Holy Stone was determined to make it easy for most people to fly a quadcopter, we are quite willing to share the happiness of flying a drone with more and more people. F181, released in the early history of Holy Stone, is almost the same age as Holy Stone, recognized by many users, not only because it brings stable and smooth flight experience, but also because its higher performance compared with other drones of the same price. Now by the Holy Stone 4-year Anniversary, lets know this trustworthy fellow again.


The F181 series now includes three models: F181C/F181W/F181G, which is distinguished by the method of image transmission.  


Maneuverability Of the Quadcopter

The F181 series is a medium-sized drone, its remote control has simple buttons. Its altitude hold function makes it quite easy to control, even beginners can master the basic controls in 10 minutes, and this ability of hovering at a certain height guarantees its clear and smooth shooting ability.


Quadcopter with Headless Mode

The F181 series drone carries the headless mode, makes it more freely to control the direction of its flight without considering the direction of its head. For those who are keen on aerial photography, the headless mode can bring more ideal camera experience.


About the Camera

All the three models have cameras of 720P, which is quite enough to take clear pictures. However, the F181C does not have real-time transmission capability, while both F181W and F181G can see the images captured by its camera in real time, and F181G has even stronger transmission capacity for the real-time vision.


F181 series drones equipped with the basic flying skill functions, are easy to fly and able to take pictures in the high sky by your control, is quite a good choice for new beginners if you are just determined to start a flight journey.