HS150 BOLT BEE, Just Fly Freely, Leaving All the Annoyance Behind

2018-09-03 17:51 Author: 92

HS150 is a drone with pure function, 

it is born for speed and able to speed up from 0km/h to 50km/h within seconds just like a brave warrior. 

Although it is small and maybe unimpressive, 

once it flies you will marvel at its fearless spirit, what a Bolt Bee!

You will be quite pleased when you conquer this little thing with some challenge, 

because it's designed with no hovering function, 

and the manually altitude hold controlling requires your attention focusing on the throttle all times to keep it flying in the air. 

It may be more difficult to control a drone like this than others with Altitude Hold functions, 

but you will find the fun to hover it by your own control skill, 

when you master this skilled flying, 

it may indicate that you are growing from a beginner to an advanced player.

And same to many other different drones, 

HS150 is equipped with Headless Mode function, 

which allows you easier to get start at high speed without having to distinguish the directions of the drone's head. 

Also the 3D Flips function makes your flight more interesting, 

but it's also an interesting challenge without automatic hovering.

So now, Bolt Bee advanced player, 

you may be quite willing to control HS150 racing with your friends, 

just go ahead and play outside on the condition of windless and open air to release both HS150's and your talents.

Are you ready to take a challenge?