HS170 the Always Favored Mini Drone

2018-09-06 18:18 Author:Holy Stone 69

HS170 has a long history of 1027 days being sold on Amazon, 

it gained popularity so quickly just when it was released by Holy Stone in 2015, and is also being favored today.

Many people think of it as the first drone to start flying, or as a great gift for children, 

thanks to its own advantage of mini fuselage and ABS material, it's very flexible and resistant to break and you don't need to worry about it's damaged while flying it.

It is more like a elfin to bring you more surprises in leisure time. 

The challenge to control a no-altitude-hold quadcopter needs you to figure out the balance of flight by keep your fingers on the throttle lever while controlling its direction. 

So it's quite a chance to practice your flying skills, when you conquer this little one you will find yourself become a excellent pilot.


When you are flying HS170, you will also find many other different functions such as Headless Mode, 3 Speeds Mode and 3D Flips.


In Headless Mode, you can fly it without thinking about the fuselage nose, different Speed Options provide the different practice space, and 3D Flips is a special skill to roll 360° in the air to bring you another kind of joy.


If you want a recreational drone, it's a great choice of you.