HS177, Ready for the Battle, More Fun for the Party Time

2018-09-07 14:56 Author:Holy Stone 62

What will you prefer to do with your family or your friends? 

Playing games, watching movie or cooking together, 

that is so sweet and I have another good idea. 

There is a little drone which you can fly it to battle with someone else, to bring you an exciting and happy time.

This little drone called HS177, with an addtional different color shell will catch the attentions to the interesting form of remote controlled fun! 

You can choose one different color for the fuselage then start a battle, using infrared beam that can "hit" the opponent drone. 

Once the drone gets 4 accurate hits, it will shake as if it's really damaged and lands slowly. 

But don't worry, it's just a signal to indicate that it failed in the battle.

With the bumpers on it to protect the propellers, it won't get hurt even if it really hit something. 

And you will find it so interesting that everyone who has ever played it would like to play it again and again.

It seems very small but is really fast and stable with powerful motor. Not only indoors, you can play outdoors in the breeze condition. 

The drone will hover steadily at a default height. With 3 speed modes, you will enjoy faster flight and go any where you want to go.

More Features: Flying Time up to 9mins, Headless Mode, 3D Flip, Emergency Stop, One Key Start/Landing.

HS177 is so fun that everyone loves to play no matter kids or adults. 

With its small size and interesting functions, it can be a great gift for anyone besides for kids.