Join the 'Back to School' Drone Filming Contest and Win Big!

2023-09-06 17:26 Author:Holy Stone 0

Hey there, fellow members of the Holy Stone community! We're thrilled to announce a super cool and creative event for all you drone enthusiasts out there. It's time for the 'Back to School, Up in the Sky' Drone Filming Contest, and it's your chance to shine, become a Holy Stone Ambassador, and grab some fantastic prizes!


1st: HS175D GPS Drone ($249.99)

2nd: HS430 Mini Camera Drone ($79.99)

3rd: HS210 Mini Drone ($35.99)


Capture back-to-school moments - photos or videos.

Holy Stone back-to-school Filming Contest.jpg            


Sept. 6th to Sept. 25th, 2023, Pacific Time (PT).


Entries should resonate with the "Back-to-School" theme.

Max 3 entries per person.

Minimal editing.

Ambassador Perks:

Early exclusive news peeks.

Potential first dibs on testing new products.

Special surprises and discounts on non-promotional days.

How To Enter: 

Join our Facebook group (Holy Stone Club) and post your photos or videos with #BackToSchoolCreativeMoments

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