Tiny Drone HS330 | Safe, Durable & Easier for Kids.

2020-10-10 17:01 Author:Holy Stone 36


The Tiny Drone designed for kids or aircraft lovers has a lot of fun that encourages them to fly by themselves, to exercise their body and brain in games.


Two Ways to Control Flying

The infrared sensor is added to the HS330 drone, comparing with our familiar HS210, Kids not only can use a remote controller to fly but also hands, like a magic to make it Taking-Off, 3D Roll, High-Speed Rotation, and Orbiting Flight.


Toss to launch, and the drone can hovering automatically, easier for kids to play. The obstacle avoidance function has produced new gameplay, 2 and more people can play together, using hands to pass the drone like a flying ball!


By the remote controller, you can switch 3-speed modes, low speed or fast is up to you. Using headless mode is a good way to fly free, without distinguishing the direction of the nose.



Safe Design, Kids Friendly 

The drone is as small as kids palm size, easy for kids to get started. The full protection guards protect kids from hurting their fingers when flying. Very solid and anti-fall without worrying about falling by mistakes.


3 batteries lasting 15-21 minutes is friendly for kids to rest or extend flight time. Whether indoors or outside, this drone will give kids the best game time.


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